Purple Acai Popcorn

acai popcorn

I think everyone agrees that when we think about popcorn, we think about unhealthy sweets. At least I do, since growing up the standard movie theatre snack was caramel popcorn, glorious, sugar coated, crunchy deliciousness. But what if I told you popcorn doesn’t have to be that unhealthy? The thing that makes movie theatre popcorn unhealthy is the giant amount of butter and refined sugar that usually goes with it. But if we leave those behind us, we can enter the wonderful world of popcorn without having to worry about the unhealthiness.

Here’s a recipe for awesomely colored acai popcorn, AND how I make my oil free base popcorn!  Read more

Pea Protein Nanaicecream

pea protein nanaicecream

Nanaicecream. Some also refer to it as nicecream (but I think ‘nana’ sounds cuter). Apparently, when you freeze bananas and blend them, you get this soft serve, ice cream-y consistency. It’s basically ice cream but only made of fruit, and it’s delicious, let me tell you that. All you need is some spotty, ripe bananas (very important), a freezer and a strong blender that can blend frozen fruits easily.

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Vegan Instant Vanilla Pudding mix


Ever since I was little, we’ve always had instant vanilla pudding mixes around. I remember it was one of the first things my mother learned me to cook cause it was so easy, and I have some vivid memories of me burning the pudding cause I forgot to stir, and crying cause it was the last sachet of instant mix and I ruined it.

I recently discovered the pudding mix we have around is vegan if you make it with plant based milk, but it contains ‘aromas’ (no idea what that means specifically) and coloring agents so I had the idea to make my own instant pudding mix. It’s actually a really great gift idea as well, put it in a pretty jar with a nice ribbon and a tag with the instructions and you’re good to go! Read more

Vegan in Belgium – Loving Hut Veganerie, Leuven

Loving hut Veganerie

Eating vegan in cities you’ve never been to when travelling can be quite challenging. I, and I’m guessing pretty much every vegan around, always research the vegan options in countries or cities I go to beforehand. That way, upon arrival I’ve already got an idea of where I can go for lunch or dinner the next few days. To help me with my research, I use HappyCow, which gives you the possibility to browse vegan (friendly) restaurants in whatever city of your choice, but I also like just searching the word ‘vegan’ on Foursquare or Tripadvisor. But it stays nice to get some personal recommendations! I frequently get messages of followers planning on visiting Belgium, asking me about tips to eat vegan in whatever city they’re going to here, so I thought it might be an appreciated topic on my blog 🙂  Read more

Healthy Psyllium Apple Granola


Granola. The first awesome thing about it is that you can do pretty much everything with it. Need something to put on your banana ice cream? Granola! In your soy or coconut yogurt? Granola. Want to spice up your cereal game? Granola. Has muesli gotten too boring? Granola. Want a quick snack? GRANOLA!

The second awesome thing is that it’s just so easy to make and you can put whatever the hell you want in it. Raisins, almonds, chocolate chips (I would recommend doing that after baking though), pumpkin seeds, hemp seeds, superfood powders, anything you like. That being said, granola with psyllium husks might sound weird, but it’s actually a really good and healthy idea…

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My five favorite VEGAN places in Rome, Italy


Gaaaah I love Rome… It’s only been two weeks since I arrived back home and it already feels like eternity… But I have whined about it enough by now and you’re probably all getting sick of my Rome-spam on instagram so I’ll start with what you’re reading this blogpost for right away: WHERE DID I EAT? Read more

In love with Rome, Vegan Travel Diaries


Eva and I went to Rome twice, in a timespan of barely two months. The first time just wasn’t long enough, and we were so heartbroken when we were on our way to the airport to go home after the first trip, that we decided to, fuck it, go back as soon as possible. Both trips were short ones of only three nights, mainly cause of budget and because we had obligations at home as well, but if I could, I’d stay there much longer!

I’ve been to a lot of European cities, but I can safely say Rome is my favorite one yet. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I had so much fun there with Eva and Moeko, or the fact that it’s got such beautiful architecture, or just the aura that embodies it in general, but I absolutely adore every part of it. It’s travels like these that will stay in my heart forever. And it’s people like these that make me realize again and again how amazing life is. Hanging out with these two beautiful souls has warmed my heart so much, and I’m so incredibly grateful to have such wonderful friends. Read more

No Bake Vegan Chocolate Mousse Tarts


It’s almost easter!!!! (In case you’re wondering, yes, I just used four exclamation points, just so you know how excited I am.)

I think that I speak for almost everyone when I say that, when I think of easter, I think of chocolate. Chocolate egg hunting in the garden. Colorful ribbons. Tulips. Bunnies!  Read more

Vegan Orange Curd recipe

Vegan orange curd recipe

Here’s the ‘story’: I had a can of coconut milk in my fridge since Valentines Day, cause I had planned to make a lovey-dovey cake with coconut cream frosting (but ended up not making it out of lack of time,) and each time I opened the fridge it called out to me, desperately begging me to finally do something with it before it was too late and got bad. I didn’t really know what to do with it though; I didn’t feel like baking a fancy cake, making curry or incorporating it in my smoothies. I don’t use coconut milk that often so I don’t have a lot of inspiration as to all the things you can do with it (if anyone has any tips, feel free to comment below!). Until I accidentally bumped into a lemon curd picture, somewhere on pinterest, and got an idea!  Read more